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Hi, I am Nadia,

I am just a mom, like you!

I was injured by using the wrong diaper bag product! 

And I made a deep dive into the topic, "Why most of the diaper bags do not fulfill their main function - Make mom life easier!" 

 I would like to share it with you!❤️ 

Get my free checklist, open the link. 👇 👇 👇

These 10 tips will help you, to choose the diaper bag, that will not turn your life into a Hell!

This story makes me produce my own thoughtful diaper bag line, that is safe, healthy for parents, and looks cool!

 After several iterations, many improvements, and validation through serious field testing, I am happy to announce the MehrAlsMami 26 in 1 with the following features: 

 + Volume: From 19 to 25 liters 

 + Style: from sleek to sporty 

 + Bag Type: Shoulder bag, Cross Body, Stroller Bag, Backpack 

 + Thermo Box: Inside, outside, on Stroller or off

= 26 variations in 1 bag. 

 The bag that helps you to be always perfectly organized and even follows your style. 

 Because you are a MehrAlsMami. 

 Liebe Grüsse, 

 Nadia Founder of MehrAlsMami

Get inspired and follow MehrAlsMami life on Instagram


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