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Sustainable diaper bag 

for every child age (0 - 18 y.o.)

MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1


Made in Europe


Designed by MOM


One bag  = One tree


Thermo Box



The thermo box could be worn inside the bag or attach on the bag outside, if you need more space. 


The thermo box could be attached on the stroller separately from the bag.


The thermo box could be used itself. 

Comfortable handle keeps your hands free. `


The thermo box could be attached on the belt, great solution for short walks.

MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1 - packing video

15 most important criteria the MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1 has. 👇

Convertible - Backpack/ shoulder bag/ stroller bag/ crossbody bag.

Easy to attach and detach to the stroller with one hand.


Big pockets inside. (Diapers, Wipes, First AID kit, Food box)

Big capacity / volume > 20L.

Easy to open and close with one hand.

Easy access to the wipes and diapers, when the bag is full.

An insulated place for 2 bottles(min), that keeps it warm in winter.



Get phone and keys easy.

A place for wet things.

Machine washable.

An ultimate style that goes with every type of clothing

The sustainable design allows a longer cycle of use.

+ We think outside the box! The MehrAlsmami Multitool 26 in 1 adapts to the style and needs of parents. 

1. Changes the style from sporty to classic. 

2. Increases in size from 19 to 25 liters. 

3. Features a modular structure.  

Thermobox for 2-3 bottles, with extended functionality, can be used as a separate module from the bag.

Thermo box 

MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1 - Review

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MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1 - Capacity Review

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