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These 10 tips will help you, 

to choose the diaper bag, 

that will not turn your life into a Hell!


Don’t buy a diaper bag at all. 

-Yes, you can survive, but your life will be harder.


Use a Limited functionality diaper bag. 

- Most of the bags that come with the stroller (satchel type) have age restriction until 1 y.o.  And it’s written nowhere. 


Buying cheap Chinese diaper bags. 

- Most of these products not tested well, and have small, not functional pockets. 


Ignoring the fact that a diaper bag it’s a Long-term Tool for parents. 

- Stroller will be used 2 times less than a proper diaper bag. 


The heavy diaper bag. (>1 kg.) 

- Most of the time mother is already overloaded, so every gram is important. 


The diaper bag has to be manageable with one hand. 

- Easy to open and close with one hand. 


Attach/Detach from the stroller with one hand. 

- Its a mother instinct, when in a hurry, to take a baby first, then think about the diaper bag.


The Diaper bag has to compliment any style (not only your sports look 😊). 

- As a long-term tool, you will use it in different life situations. 


Size is important. 

- 20 Liters it’s not enough to even with 1 child. 


Changing mat existence, it’s not a critical criterion. 

- It's needed only 1 year, then it is becoming a waste.  We do not support the waste.

Fully functional MehrAlsMami diaper bags include all these features as well as advanced functionality and Swiss sustainable design gives the bag a chance for a second life, thereby reducing waste.

MehrAlsMami Multitool 26 in 1 

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