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MehrAlsMami MultiTool 26 in 1 In Khaki


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MehrAlsMami MultiTool 26 in 1  (Shopper/Backpack/Cross body/Stroller bag)

Stylish, simple and lightweight bag for parents. Everything you need - ,  but nothing redundant. Thoughtful design and versatility will allow you to use the bag for different needs, even after diaper time. The bag can be handled with one hand, which is very important while you are holding a baby.

The diaper bag is easily converted from a classic “shopper” to a stylish and roomy backpack.

A thermo box for 2 to 3 bottles can be comfortably worn both inside and outside the bag, thereby freeing up the inner space for other  needs. The thermo box can also be used separately from the bag by placing it on the handle of the stroller.

If you go to meet friend, no need to shift all the stuff to another bag, just remove the thermo box, unfasten the strap of the backpack, and use the bag as a classic “shopper” bag.

If you need free hands and more space, fasten the   backpack strap and open the extra volume to fit everything.

The bag is made of waterproof materials, so the baby things will remain dry in any weather. It is easy to take care of - just wipe it with a cotton pad or wash it in a washer with 30°C.


Convertible in 26 ways :

1. Shopper small

2. Shopper small + thermo box

3. Shopper middle

4. Shopper middle + thermo box

5. Shopper big

6. Shopper big + thermo box

7. Cross body small

8. Cross body small + thermo box

9. Cross body middle

10. Cross body middle + thermo box

11. Cross body big

12. Cross body big + thermo box

13. Backpack small

14  Backpack small + thermo box

15. Backpack middle

16. Backpack middle + thermo box

17. Backpack big

18. Backpack big + thermo box

19. Stroller bag small

20. Stroller bag small + thermo box

21. Stroller bag medium

22. Stroller bag medium + thermo box

24. Stroller bag big

25. Stroller bag big + thermo box

26. Thermo box on the stroller without the diaper bag

Aysun, 06/16/20, 20:23

Ben kendimde bu cantayi aldim kullaniyorum cok memnun kaldim her konuda.

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